Happy Thanksgiving!

Our very first low carb Thanksgiving has come to a close and I must say that it was quite successful.  :-)

We woke in the morning and while my husband did some yard work, I got all the veggies cooked for our various dishes.

We decided to alter our menu because we had way too much food for four people so we ditched the broccoli soup and exchanged the ca-bobs for some sausage bites.

The in-laws showed up around one and I put out the relish tray along with the bowl of mixed nuts.  Rob had lit the BBQ and so the sausage bites were not far behind.   Football was on the plasma TV and so everyone not involved in cooking were happily watching.

I was given the 15 minute warning shortly after so I put the Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing and Mashed Cauliflower onto the table while Rob brought in the Cornish Game Hens.

Once the table was ready we gave the in laws the okay to fill their plates and head outside since we were dining out on the back porch.  Once outside we ate and my in laws were quick to give out the compliments on my cooking.  Even if they were lying through their teeth, I totally appreciated it.


Once they were done with their plates I ran inside and made up some whipped cream and plated out some pumpkin pie.  They seemed to like it.  :-)

After they finished the pie I gathered the dishes and started the clean up while they chatted outside with their coffee.  The dropping temps brought them inside and we put more football on the brand new plasma TV.

After watching some football we packed up the in laws with some leftovers and were left to clean up and relax.  The first low carb Thanksgiving at our house  a total success!!

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