Absence makes the butt get fatter.

Wow, lots of things going on in my life but nothing on the diet and fitness front.

I would continue to blame my IT band but that hasn’t been an issue for quite some time.

I could blame being super busy with the vow renewal but let’s face it, it was a no brainer Vegas thing.

The one legit excuse that I have is that we became involved in a local independent theater production and it has really eaten up a lot of our time. It’s totally true and the rehearsals have left us with only enough time to go to work and sleep. That would cover the lack of exercise but I can’t blame that for making me eat like a pig.

No the only thing I can blame is me.

After the IT band injury I let all my motivation and momentum fade into nothingness.

After being able to fit into my dress fir the renewal I floundered blindly with no goal of immediate importance. Sure I have the half marathon in Vegas in December, but once I found out you have four hours to finish it I let myself not care so much. I can walk it in four no problem.

I’ve just felt no desire to exercise or eat right. At all.

I still don’t, but that is not going to stop me anymore.  I am going to grab my willpower back and soldier on!  This morning I did 4 miles on my exercise bike…not much but it’s a start.  I plan on going for a walk tomorrow morning.  All I can do at this point is try…but I HAVE to do at least that.

I’m lucky in that I’ve only gained about seven pounds since July but a gain is a gain and it is that many more pounds I have to lose before I am back to my lowest.

I CAN do this.  I HAVE done this.  I WILL do this.  I just have to get myself back on track and keep it going.


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