Running–The New Anti Depressant!

Okay so when I last left you dear readers I had a raging case of PMS and was being very down on myself for not running.
It seems the two are related.  I took four days off of running and was miserable all four days.  Like seriously falling into a depression.  I have also noticed this on my days off in the past, I just never let it go passed one day off usually before I start running again.
Well what started with my usual Friday off extended through Saturday and Sunday due to my period and really bad cramps but I had every intention of getting back to my lunchtime runs at work on Monday.
The universe had other plans for me.
At any rate, it may be working for the best right now since we are down to one car and this is the end of quarter at Rob’s work I have to get up early and come in an hour early every day this week.  Perfect time to get my run in while I have nothing else to do and it is nice and foggy and cool out!
So today I started back up after four days and was able to run for 30 whole minutes–a new record for me.  I was running about a 13.5 minute mile, just a light jog really but since I was doing it more for endurance than distance or intensity it was perfect.  I was very proud of myself and to further the proof that I need to exercise to feel better(duh really?) I was in a good mood all day.
It’s so odd to me that I’ve been on anti-depressants for most of my adult life and all along I could have just taken up running??  :-D   Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to leap off my prescription or anything and I know it isn’t that easy but it is nice to know when I find myself falling into a funk that a quick jog might be able to perk me out of it.  I will experiment more and report back later!
The bad news is that I think I may have overdone it a bit today.  As I was finishing up my run I felt my hips start to hurt a little. Soon after I discovered my right thigh in the front was really stiff and sore when I stepped on it after sitting for a bit.  I iced it for awhile at my desk and after walking on it a bit it was fine but it would still flare up after I had been sitting a while.  It also changed position from my thigh into my knee for a bit than back to my thigh.  The thing that kind of bothers me is that it almost is reminding me of when I had a pinched nerve in the way the pain is changing position and acting in general.
I bought some icy-hot on the way home so I think I am going to go draw a hot bath and then use some of that to see if it helps at all.
So tell me, do you get depressed on the days you don’t work out?



If I have any men that read this blog, you might want to skip this entry.  It deals with that subject that most men find icky.  The monthly cycle that makes us women able to create a life…or as I call it since I am never going to have kids: “the completely unnecessary once a month painful bleeding session that makes me crave a hysterectomy.”

Ever since I “became a woman” and was blessed with the ability to create a life I want nothing to do with, I have had very painful cramps.  I’m not talking “take a midol and get over it” cramps, I’m talking “miss a day of school/work because I am throwing up uncontrollably due to pain” cramps.

At fifteen I was diagnosed with Dysmenorrhea and put on birth control pills.  Glory Be Hallelujah  they worked and I was able to resume a normal life.

Somewhere along the way I stopped taking them.  I don’t remember when or why…it might have been when I was too old to be on my mothers insurance.  Because the cramps were caused by a health condition the pills were covered by insurance so that might have been part of it.  At any rate I stopped taking them and the pain eventually came back.

As I gained more and more weight my periods became very irregular.  I would go for months without a period and then bleed for a couple of weeks and then go another three months with nothing.  After the initial pregnancy scare, I didn’t miss my period at all.  It was quite nice to go a long time without a period but when it finally showed up it was HEAVY and it HURT!  But being the kind of person I am, when the period disappeared I would put the pain to the back of my mind until it started up again so I didn’t go to the doctor about it.

Fast forward to me losing about 50 pounds and my periods regulated to once a month again.  Now that it was a regular occurrence again and at my husbands insisting I saw my doctor about getting on the pill again.  She said no.  See, I had this little nasty smoking habit and rightfully so, she did not feel right about putting me on the pill given the increased chance of blood clots in smokers at my age.  She told me if I quit smoking she would gladly write me a scrip but she had actually seen it happen to her patients that were smokers so she was gun shy.

So that was that.  I learned to live with it.  I have  system, and if it works correctly I don’t have that much trouble with the cramps.  If I catch it at the first twinge and preload with Advil, I can avoid major pain and function like a normal person.  Sometimes however, the cramps start while I am sleeping and I either don’t wake up or I am too tired to get out of bed to go get the advil and that is when the trouble starts.  I used to keep an advil on my bedside table until my dog decided it looked tasty and that was the end of that.

I have quit smoking for the most part but I will have an occasional cigarette(Vegas anyone???) and I’m so paranoid of blood clots that I never re approached the subject of birth control pills.  So I live with it.

If you haven’t guessed I am on my period this weekend.  And I have done nothing.

I had such plans for this weekend.  I was going to go to the track and try to walk/run a 10K and I was excited about it!  I was going to go dress shopping for our vow renewal.  I was going to go out to breakfast with Rob and his parents for Father’s Day.

I woke up on Saturday with cramps in full swing.  I took my advil and Rob put me back to bed.  He said I had an hour to sleep and let the advil work before I had to get up and get ready for the breakfast with my father in law.  I couldn’t get back to sleep but I tried.  Finally I got up and hauled myself in the shower and got dressed but I was miserable.  As we were about to head out the door I just couldn’t do it.  I knew I would be no kind of company and I wouldn’t be able to eat anything so tearfully I asked if Rob minded if I stayed home.  Of course he didn’t, he understood and put me back to bed before leaving for breakfast.

Part of the system I have when I get bad cramps is to sleep.  If I can get to sleep, even for a half an hour, the cramps and nausea are usually gone when I wake up.  No such luck yesterday.  I read in bed to try and get my eyes tired but I just couldn’t fall asleep because I had to keep running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes or so(yes, not only am I gifted with pain, heavy bleeding and nausea but I also get diarrhea.  Nice.)  Finally I got up and got a bucket to bring to bed with me, the throwing up portion was inevitable.  After one round with the bucket, Rob came home and I was starting to feel a bit better but since I never fell asleep I was still left with an overall sense of ickiness.

I was starving but the thought of food repulsed me.  Rob had brought home some food for me so I chose the least offensive thing(a biscuit) and ate a tiny portion of it before laying back down.  A few minutes later my stomach woke up and demanded more food so I had a little more and some diet sprite to settle the stomach.

To make a very long story short (too late!), I have not counted my food this weekend and I have certainly not walked or run.  While I think being in pain like I get is a legitimate excuse for taking the weekend off, I still feel horrible about it.

My 10 K is in two weeks and while I know I can easily walk it I was hoping to be more prepared with the running and this was a wasted weekend.  I feel useless and guilty and just blah.

Tomorrow I will start anew and all that but today?  Today I feel like a failure.


New stuff

People at work have been telling me I’m an inspiration.  Not gonna lie.  It feels really good.
I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but my friend and co-worker Julie is my inspiration in the weight loss/fitness game.  Last year we both decided we were going to run the Wharf to Wharf 10K in July.  I think we had like five months to train and we both got very excited and gung ho.  We both started the Couch 25K program independent of each other and after a while I got discouraged with my lack of ability to run and decided I would just walk the darn thing.  Julie kept training and ended up running most of the race with her sister.  I walked it and finished in just under 2 hours.  Jewels finished in under an hour and a half if I remember right.  I was very proud of her and kinda disappointed in myself for not keeping with the training like she did.
After the race we both lost a bit of focus and she and I both gained a bit of weight.
Julie regained her motivation while I floundered and she has lost over 50 pounds.  She has gone from a size 18 to a size 10.  She rocks!!
The reason I tell you this story is because not only is she my inspiration, she is responsible for saving me tons of money as I go through my own weight loss journey now.
In an effort to purge herself of all her “fat clothes” since she knows that she will never ever let herself get that big again, she is giving them to me!  I’m not talking a couple of pairs of jeans here, I’m talking about a full wardrobe of shirts, jeans, sweats, capris, dresses and track suits.  In sizes 18 to 14 so I have will not have to keep buying clothes as I shrink!  How awesome is that??
How is this significant to today’s story?
Because this morning I put on a pair of 16 capri’s with a 14/16 size tee shirt and they FIT!  SIXTEEN!!!!  I can’t even remember the time I was a size 16!  I think I was in my early 20’s and it was when I was on my way back up in weight.  Wow.  Now, I’m not officially a sixteen because I have some jeans of hers that are a sixteen that are not even close to fitting but I do in fact, now fit into a pair of 16 pants that didn’t fit a month ago.  I am over the moon!!

In other news today we got some new toys.  1st is our brand new food scale!  We used to own one of these deals:
It finally broke on us so now we are the proud owners of one an Oxo Good Grips Food Scale:
We just pulled it out of the package and have been randomly weighing items in our kitchen and oohing and ahhing over it.  I can’t wait to be able to accurately measure my recipes again!  :-)
The other toys we got today are our Nike+ Ipod sensors for our shoes as well as some little pouches to tie them onto our shoe laces.  I’m pretty excited about this because even though I have Runkeeper for my phone, the GPS will drop off in certain places.  Namely the cul de sac where I normally run/walk while I am at work.  This would allow me to keep an accurate count of how far I go when I am running at work.  I can’t wait to try it!
Okay, time to go weigh stuff.  :-)



Last night, my sister in law was in town.  That meant a dinner out with my in-laws.  While that particular event is always pleasant and fun, it doesn’t always make for good eating on my diet.

We went to a local place called Baja Cantina where they have a very good selection of food.  I told myself that maybe I might cheat since I have been so good for so long and my weight is still kind of stagnant….

Once I looked at the menu I realized I was craving a bunless burger and a side salad!   How insane is that???  I mean, in a good way of course!  🙂

So this morning, I was doing the weekly shopping and I was getting my low carb marinara sauce when I saw the Dreamfields pasta.  I thought: “Hmmm, I think I will pick one of those up and have a “cheat night” tonight that won’t really be a cheat night if those things really work.  That sounds fun.”

So I put one of the spaghetti ones in my cart.

After I got home I started re-editing all of my episodes since they are now on and need to be redone.  That is when I realized I don’t NEED to cheat!  I have so many recipes that I haven’t used in forever, that are fabulous and I have all the ingredients for!  I don’t even crave that pasta!!

So I just cooked up some “KFC” Chicken and now the Caulironi and Cheese is in the oven.    It’s going to make a yummers dinner.

I’m sure I will try the Dreamfields eventually but for now I’m perfectly satisfied with what I am eating.

So I guess it is true.  If you eat the Low Carb Lifestyle long enough, you really DO lose your cravings!  I never really believed that part of it, but so far it has been true for me!!  Ha!

So a while back I was contacted by someone at about using some of my Lo Carb Cafe videos on their website.

I checked out their site and was pretty impressed so I wrote them back giving them permission to use the videos.  I got a confirmation thanking me and that was the last I had heard from them.  I figured they had either forgotten or found a better site so I just put it to the back of my mind.

Until tonight.  I just got an email letting me know my profile was up and running.  That was about a half an hour ago and my videos have already had almost 900 hits.  This is huge for me!  I’m so happy that I am able to share these low carb recipes with an even wider audience!  It thrills me that I am helping people while helping myself and can only hope that this is going to make it even easier to do so!!!  :-D

Check it out:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our very first low carb Thanksgiving has come to a close and I must say that it was quite successful.  :-)

We woke in the morning and while my husband did some yard work, I got all the veggies cooked for our various dishes.

We decided to alter our menu because we had way too much food for four people so we ditched the broccoli soup and exchanged the ca-bobs for some sausage bites.

The in-laws showed up around one and I put out the relish tray along with the bowl of mixed nuts.  Rob had lit the BBQ and so the sausage bites were not far behind.   Football was on the plasma TV and so everyone not involved in cooking were happily watching.

I was given the 15 minute warning shortly after so I put the Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing and Mashed Cauliflower onto the table while Rob brought in the Cornish Game Hens.

Once the table was ready we gave the in laws the okay to fill their plates and head outside since we were dining out on the back porch.  Once outside we ate and my in laws were quick to give out the compliments on my cooking.  Even if they were lying through their teeth, I totally appreciated it.


Once they were done with their plates I ran inside and made up some whipped cream and plated out some pumpkin pie.  They seemed to like it.  :-)

After they finished the pie I gathered the dishes and started the clean up while they chatted outside with their coffee.  The dropping temps brought them inside and we put more football on the brand new plasma TV.

After watching some football we packed up the in laws with some leftovers and were left to clean up and relax.  The first low carb Thanksgiving at our house  a total success!!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner…

And things are shaping up nicely for our first ever Low Carb Thanksgiving.

I just finished the shopping for everything and although it has proven quite expensive, in the end it will be worth it.

We will have appetizers.  Rob will be making ca-bobs with bell peppers, mushrooms and onions.  And in a last minute decision at the grocery store, I have decided to do a relish tray with baby dill, and splenda sweetened gerkins, pepperchinis, martini olives, black olives and marinated artichoke hearts.    Also there will be mixed nuts of course.

Our starter will be  Cream of Broccoli Soup.

Instead of turkey, we decided to go the easy route and are having cornish game hens instead.

The sides will include Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Cauliflower and Stuffing.

The desert will be Pumpkin Pie.

I all looks really good and I will report on how it goes.  I’m super excited about this.  :-)


So this year we have decided to have Thanksgiving at our house.  It is just going to be my husbands parents and us so it was either go out for dinner, burden the in laws with making a huge fuss for four people or having it at our house.

We decided since we were going to take it into our house, we would keep on our diet and make it a low carb thanksgiving.  So I have been researching the last few days what we will serve and here is a rough menu…


Green Bean Casserole

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Mashed Cauliflower and

Pumpkin pie.

A couple of these I already have episodes on but the rest I will film and upload sometime before thanksgiving.  I will have to try out several recipes before I figure out which ones will work best but I promise to make episodes of LCC on the ones that turn out the best.  I might even interview my in laws on what they liked the best…  :-)

Stay tuned for updates!!!

Low Carb Lasagna

I haven’t made this in a long time because it is a rather involved
process.  The good news is that it is delicious and so worth the
effort.  One of the low carb recipes I have come across in a while. 

Servings: 9 slices
Author: cvkelz

My fourth annual RLS 5K is finished

So on Friday, you know the day before the 5K?  I forced myself to walk the loop at work on my lunch break.  It is about a mile and a half and has a couple of hills in it.  I had been putting it off, only walking the flat part by my office because I was afraid of what it would do to my back .  However, Rob made a very good point the night before about wanting to know if I wouldn’t be able to walk hills before I got to the actual race and got stranded at the two mile mark or something.

I was able to walk the loop.  My back hurt but not as bad as I thought it was going to.  The muscles in my lower back were still very much locked up when I was done but the fact that I was able to power it out was encouraging to me.

So Friday night found me starting my period and down for the count with some really horrible cramps.  Great, now my back and my front hurt!  :-D

The reason I mention the cramps is because it had me loading up on the Advil on Saturday morning which I believe was the key factor in my back not hurting at all for the race.  I know that may sound like a dumb statement.  Well, of course Kelly, why didn’t you think of just taking some before the race anyway?  But I don’t work that way.  I don’t like taking medicine at all.  I’m kind of paranoid about it.  I will only do it if absolutely necessary and I’m in pretty bad pain.  Like cramps.  I’ve had them bad my whole life and if I don’t load up on Advil, I will be throwing up from the pain in no time.  But for things like headaches and back pain that goes away once I stop walking…meh.  I’ll stick it out without any meds.  In my opinion if my body is giving me pain it is something I should feel.  It’s a warning sign and I need to feel it in case it gets worse and results in me needing to seek medical help.  Yeah, I’m weird that way.

So anyway, with the help of advil and walking every day this week I was able to do the 5K with relative ease.  I brought the dog with me and we had a nice little 3 mile walk in the forests of Pebble Beach.   This was the 4th time I was walking this particular race but knowing my back situation my goal this time was just to finish.  I really didn’t think I would even be able to match my time from last year let alone beat it.

It was a very pleasant surprise to me when I got to the finish line and found out that I had cut off four minutes on my time from last year.  🙂   I was quite proud of myself.

Today however, I am feeling it.  With no Advil left in my system I awoke to very sore muscles in my back and surprisingly in my hips and inner thighs.  I guess that makes sense since my pelvis had been tilted for so long and now that it is corrected I am using muscles that hadn’t been used in a while, but it just feels weird the way things are hurting.  I expected my shins and calves to hurt but my hips?  Odd.

The diet went out the window yesterday as there was a pancake breakfast after the race and I do like me some pancakes.  🙂  Followed it up with Pizza last night because I was totally exhausted and didn’t want to cook(totally an excuse by the way since I have tons of leftovers that I could have nuked and stayed on diet).

Today I am back on thanks to my hubby that just made me steak and eggs for breakfast.  I’m off to get a mani/pedi as my reward for yesterday and then grocery shopping so I can cook for the week when I get home.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!