I.T. Band Ickiness

A huge thank you to Lisa for commenting in my last entry about my knee/leg pain.  She said that knee pain in runners is usually having to do with an IT Band issue.  I did a quick google search and sure enough I have a textbook case of Iliotibial band syndrome.  What a freaking bummer.

It totally makes sense because I didn’t do anything for four days and then did two 30 minute runs without a proper warm up.  Normally I walk for at least five minutes before I run but lately I’ve been shortening the time and the last run I didn’t even walk for a full minute before launching into my run.  Stupid impatient me!  Also my pelvis has been known to tilt in the past and leave one leg shorter than the other so that might be happening again too.  Gotta make an appointment with my chiropractor next week.

So I’m bummed and totally self loathing because it is my own fault when my husband says: “But this is great news!”

Um, yeah…on what planet??

He proceeded to explain that we know the issue and it can be resolved.  It isn’t a pinched nerve like I first thought and it isn’t something that may sideline me from running altogether.  It is a completely treatable issue that won’t cost us anything to fix.  I just need to rest it and make sure I do everything correctly in the future when I do run.

As usual, my husband is right(don’t you hate that??)  I just need to rest.  I need to NOT stress about the upcoming 10K because there is nothing I can do about it.  I will walk it and it will be good practice for the wharf to wharf.

I remember Brooke had an entry fairly recently where the same thing had happened to her so I emailed her and she gave me some helpful advice and insight on the whole thing.  I am so absolutely grateful for the weight loss/fitness blog community.  In just two days I was able to diagnose and find treatment for a condition that was very mysterious to me and it is all thanks to the blogs and twitterverse.  Thanks guys!!  :-D

At any rate, I was going to attempt a walk today but it is still hurting quite a bit so I passed.  The hardest part is going to be forcing myself to take time off walk/running.  It has just done so much for my body and my mind, but I know I have to let my body heal or I’m just going to make it worse and be off my feet even longer.  Don’t you hate it when you have no one to blame but yourself?  Hmph.

Oh well, can’t change it now.  So I will be icing and stretching for a while and I’ll update with progress as it happens.

Oh and I just discovered Naan Bread and Hummus.  This can’t be good for my weight loss.  Hehehehe.


New stuff

People at work have been telling me I’m an inspiration.  Not gonna lie.  It feels really good.
I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but my friend and co-worker Julie is my inspiration in the weight loss/fitness game.  Last year we both decided we were going to run the Wharf to Wharf 10K in July.  I think we had like five months to train and we both got very excited and gung ho.  We both started the Couch 25K program independent of each other and after a while I got discouraged with my lack of ability to run and decided I would just walk the darn thing.  Julie kept training and ended up running most of the race with her sister.  I walked it and finished in just under 2 hours.  Jewels finished in under an hour and a half if I remember right.  I was very proud of her and kinda disappointed in myself for not keeping with the training like she did.
After the race we both lost a bit of focus and she and I both gained a bit of weight.
Julie regained her motivation while I floundered and she has lost over 50 pounds.  She has gone from a size 18 to a size 10.  She rocks!!
The reason I tell you this story is because not only is she my inspiration, she is responsible for saving me tons of money as I go through my own weight loss journey now.
In an effort to purge herself of all her “fat clothes” since she knows that she will never ever let herself get that big again, she is giving them to me!  I’m not talking a couple of pairs of jeans here, I’m talking about a full wardrobe of shirts, jeans, sweats, capris, dresses and track suits.  In sizes 18 to 14 so I have will not have to keep buying clothes as I shrink!  How awesome is that??
How is this significant to today’s story?
Because this morning I put on a pair of 16 capri’s with a 14/16 size tee shirt and they FIT!  SIXTEEN!!!!  I can’t even remember the time I was a size 16!  I think I was in my early 20’s and it was when I was on my way back up in weight.  Wow.  Now, I’m not officially a sixteen because I have some jeans of hers that are a sixteen that are not even close to fitting but I do in fact, now fit into a pair of 16 pants that didn’t fit a month ago.  I am over the moon!!

In other news today we got some new toys.  1st is our brand new food scale!  We used to own one of these deals:
It finally broke on us so now we are the proud owners of one an Oxo Good Grips Food Scale:
We just pulled it out of the package and have been randomly weighing items in our kitchen and oohing and ahhing over it.  I can’t wait to be able to accurately measure my recipes again!  :-)
The other toys we got today are our Nike+ Ipod sensors for our shoes as well as some little pouches to tie them onto our shoe laces.  I’m pretty excited about this because even though I have Runkeeper for my phone, the GPS will drop off in certain places.  Namely the cul de sac where I normally run/walk while I am at work.  This would allow me to keep an accurate count of how far I go when I am running at work.  I can’t wait to try it!
Okay, time to go weigh stuff.  :-)


I’m paying people to make me run?

So I did this really silly thing a couple of months ago and signed up to run a ten K at the end of July.

It’s called the Wharf to Wharf and it is a run that goes from Santa Cruz to Capitola.  Six miles along the beach with 40 bands playing along the way.  Rob has run it twice.  This year will be his second year as one of the “bands”.

So I have another two months or so to get my butt in gear.  I have started to do walk/runs at work…very short duration on the running part and I think I might be able to pull this off.

Yesterday Paula and I finished a five K walk in 53 minutes.  That is about 13 minutes less than the last one we did together so all this walking I’ve been doing on my lunch hours have been paying off I think.  Not to mention that I feel better and look better even if I haven’t lost a terrific amount of weight from it.

My size 20’s are getting loose and my 22’s are falling off me.  I keep them around for the bloated days of the month but even then they have to be secured with a tight belt.  🙂  It’s a good feeling.

Diet has mostly just been low calorie/low fat.  Except on the weekends…I’ve still yet to be able to curb that on the weekends.

Watch me Go!

Depression be damned. I have worked out every day since my last post and I’m feeling good. I’ve bumped up my daily walks during lunch from 15 minutes when I started to 30 minutes as of today.

Now brace yourselves…I made a commitment today. One that I told my husband would never happen. But I made a commitment with my friend Jewels that we would run a 10 k in July together.

That gives me 5 months to prepare and train. It is a course that my husband has done twice and he thinks is quite do-able for me.

And I can’t help it…I’m EXCITED about the damn thing!! Jewels and I are stoked and are already planning our training sessions together. Our friend Mel is going to help us as she is an avid runner.

I may be setting myself up for failure but I’ll never know unless I try right???