Low Carb Cafe

Ta effing Da!

Yup, here I am again.

If you are reading this entry, I would like to explain the archives of this blog have been pieced together via the Wayback Machine that can show you old archived web pages.  Because I have been a bit of a impatient dumbass in the past, I had lost most of my entries when I switched over to a new domain host.  Yeah.

It’s nothing that I can change at this point, but I spent a lot of time last week copying the old entries over from the wayback machine and so some of the links and images probably no longer work.  I just wanted to explain why.

I have shifted back and forth on different blogs over the years, but I think it’s time to come back to this one.  This is a very diet neutral name and it’s one of the original ones if not THE original one that I started all those years ago.  I just loved the name and so here I am.

I have resurrected my old YouTube channel by the same name as well, because…might as well keep it all in the same vein right?  Back when I started that channel it was primarily for low carb recipes.  It was a little show I called Low Carb Cafe and I really enjoyed and miss making those videos.  So they will be back, but I’m also expanding the channel to vlogs and weigh ins and such so that it’s all my content in one channel.  Much like this blog.

So things have been going meh for me as far as the weight loss.  I’ve gone in ebbs and flows like always.  I lost about 40 lbs with low calorie and portion control only to gain most of it back when I fell of the wagon.

In December of 2017 my husband had a heart attack and his dr recommended keto so we have been trying that ever since.  And when I say that we have been trying that, I mean that we were really good for a few months, he dropped 30 lbs and I 15, but then I just couldn’t stick with it.  I kept cheating at work and not telling my husband and pretending I was eating fine at home.  We both fell out of the exercise routine and in turn fell stagnant on the weight loss front.

My anxiety and depression have played a really big part in me not wanting to do anything – also I discovered that now when I lower my carbs I get heart palpitations when I don’t supplement with sea salt because I get super low on electrolytes.  It makes me not want to do the diet because I just don’t want to deal with that.

The latest set back is that my husbands mother has been in a health crisis.  Her kidneys are failing  and she has lots f blockages in her heart, but she only has a 10% chance of surviving surgery.  So basically she was sent home a month ago to die.

In pulling her off of 15 of her medications however, they didn’t anticipate that she would bounce back.  She went from being bed bound to going to Target the other day.

What this has meant for us, is that we have been heading over there most nights after work and cooking food for her…whatever she wants since they took her off dietary restriction.  Since we then get home with only an hour or so to relax before bed, that leaves us at the mercy of eating whatever she wanted and also bringing those leftovers to work for lunches the next day.

Let’s just say it hasn’t been Keto, or even moderately healthy.

We made a decision this weekend that we were just going to have to suck it up and either make her meals more towards our diet, or we would have to cook a bunch on our “nights off” to supplement the meals that we won’t be eating at her house.

I’ve just been to the grocery store to stock up, and we’ll see what I can cook up tonight to get us ready for the next few days.

So that is what is going on with me.  I weighed in yesterday at 257 lbs.  That is up about 20 pounds from my recent lowest.  I’m hoping to reign all this in and start exercising again too.  Thus dusting off the YouTube channel and this blog.

Wish me luck!!!!

Tuna Casserole Recipe

This is a fairly easy little dish that cooks up nicely and doesn't take that much prep work if other than chopping up some onion and celery. I have been told that sauteing the onion and celery first in some butter until tender, greatly improves the recipe, but I have yet to try it myself.


Last night, my sister in law was in town.  That meant a dinner out with my in-laws.  While that particular event is always pleasant and fun, it doesn’t always make for good eating on my diet.

We went to a local place called Baja Cantina where they have a very good selection of food.  I told myself that maybe I might cheat since I have been so good for so long and my weight is still kind of stagnant….

Once I looked at the menu I realized I was craving a bunless burger and a side salad!   How insane is that???  I mean, in a good way of course!  🙂

So this morning, I was doing the weekly shopping and I was getting my low carb marinara sauce when I saw the Dreamfields pasta.  I thought: “Hmmm, I think I will pick one of those up and have a “cheat night” tonight that won’t really be a cheat night if those things really work.  That sounds fun.”

So I put one of the spaghetti ones in my cart.

After I got home I started re-editing all of my episodes since they are now on and need to be redone.  That is when I realized I don’t NEED to cheat!  I have so many recipes that I haven’t used in forever, that are fabulous and I have all the ingredients for!  I don’t even crave that pasta!!

So I just cooked up some “KFC” Chicken and now the Caulironi and Cheese is in the oven.    It’s going to make a yummers dinner.

I’m sure I will try the Dreamfields eventually but for now I’m perfectly satisfied with what I am eating.

So I guess it is true.  If you eat the Low Carb Lifestyle long enough, you really DO lose your cravings!  I never really believed that part of it, but so far it has been true for me!!  Ha!

So a while back I was contacted by someone at about using some of my Lo Carb Cafe videos on their website.

I checked out their site and was pretty impressed so I wrote them back giving them permission to use the videos.  I got a confirmation thanking me and that was the last I had heard from them.  I figured they had either forgotten or found a better site so I just put it to the back of my mind.

Until tonight.  I just got an email letting me know my profile was up and running.  That was about a half an hour ago and my videos have already had almost 900 hits.  This is huge for me!  I’m so happy that I am able to share these low carb recipes with an even wider audience!  It thrills me that I am helping people while helping myself and can only hope that this is going to make it even easier to do so!!!  :-D

Check it out: