Day One Back On Low Carb

So we are back on the low carb bandwagon. I have proven myself to have no willpower when it comes to portion control and since the scale keeps creeping up and up it’s time to do something.
I’ve also decided to go ahead and treat this like I did when I first started low carb all those years ago, you know, when it actually worked. So I will be documenting my progress and how I feel during the process, including the dreaded sugar and carb withdrawals.
While we cooked our food in advance last night, today is our official 1st day. I weighed in at 247(!!!!!) this morning.
So far it’s not that bad but the shakes and the sweats don’t usually hit me until the 2nd or 3rd day.
One of my coworkers made cupcakes but I’ve managed to successfully avoid them thus far. First day willpower is always higher than a few days in right? Heh.
Started getting the stomach yuckies around three thirty.  The only description I can give to the stomach yuckies is that it feels like you are hungry but you don’t want to eat anything.  This may well be because I didn’t bring enough food and I was actually starving because I ate a small snack and felt a little better after.  Around four thirty I started to get a headache that was very faint and would come and go.  It’s now 7:20 in the evening and the headache is in full swing.  Also a bit sweaty even though it’s pretty chilly in my house right now.  The “Carb Flu” is definitely setting in.  I just have to remember that this only lasts a week tops and then it’s smooth sailing.

Here is a recap of my menu today:

Breakfast:  Sliced sausage covered in cheddar cheese and two hard boiled eggs.    2 net carbs

Lunch: 1 Serving of Hamburger Broccoli Alfredo(recipe to follow soon)  3 net carbs

Snack: 1 serving of  Dry Roasted Edamame      2 net carbs

Dinner: 3 Chicken Patties(recipe to follow soon) with a TBS of sour cream  and a cup of canned green beans with butter    10 net carbs

Snack:  Cheddar Cheese Stick and 1 oz of pecans   2.2 net carbs

Daily Total:  19.2 net carbs.

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