Day Two Recap

Today’s Menu
2 Hard Boiled Eggs and Two Chicken Patties(recipe to follow soon) 2 net carbs
1 Chicken Breast with two slices of american cheese and 1/2 cup of canned cut green beans    4 net carbs
Snack: Dry Roasted Edamame    2 net carbs
Dinner:    Pizza Chicken  and green beans 9 net carbs
Snack: 1 oz pecans and 1 string cheese   1.7 net carbs

Total 18.7 net carbs

Today started off with the headache but that did lessen towards the end of the day.  The hot flashes started this afternoon though.  No shakes yet but I was actually TWITCHING for a little bit.  Anyone who tells me sugar isn’t a drug is a liar!  It’s like a withdrawal!!  LOL!  Looking forward to tomorrow!

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