I ran…I ran so far away

Heh, okay not really, but I DID run a mile today.

Today was my first official day back at counting points.  My life has gotten back to a somewhat normal status.  The play is running smoothly so we don’t even have to have a pick up rehearsal this week and my cold is finally fading.  My IT band was healed long ago so I really don’t have any more excuses.

Yesterday I prepared some low point chicken wraps for lunches and stocked up at the store on soups and bagel thins.  I portioned out cereal and crackers and all that good stuff and I feel like I am back in a good place.

Today I brought my running shoes to work but by eleven I had all but talked myself out of going for a walk.  The excuses were thin at best.  “It’s warm outside.”  “Michaelle’s husband is bringing the babies and I want to play with the babies.”  “I kinda feel like my cold is coming back, maybe I should just nap on the couch instead.”

So I told myself that I would just go out and walk until I didn’t want to anymore.  Even if that meant stopping after five minutes.  Well three minutes into the walk I was running, and I continued to run until my nike + GPS app said I had run a mile.

And I felt SO GOOD!  I can’t express how good it felt to run again!!  Now don’t get me wrong, my shins were on fire and I was sweating like a pig but I really felt the …I’m reaching for the word here, but I felt IT.  I felt that strong desire to run, the great appreciation of being out in the sunshine, the stress releasing from my body with every footstep that pounded the pavement.  The very feeling that got me so addicted in the first place.

It was so incredible to finally feel it once more.  I’m not letting it get away from me again.


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