I.T. Band Ickiness

A huge thank you to Lisa for commenting in my last entry about my knee/leg pain.  She said that knee pain in runners is usually having to do with an IT Band issue.  I did a quick google search and sure enough I have a textbook case of Iliotibial band syndrome.  What a freaking bummer.

It totally makes sense because I didn’t do anything for four days and then did two 30 minute runs without a proper warm up.  Normally I walk for at least five minutes before I run but lately I’ve been shortening the time and the last run I didn’t even walk for a full minute before launching into my run.  Stupid impatient me!  Also my pelvis has been known to tilt in the past and leave one leg shorter than the other so that might be happening again too.  Gotta make an appointment with my chiropractor next week.

So I’m bummed and totally self loathing because it is my own fault when my husband says: “But this is great news!”

Um, yeah…on what planet??

He proceeded to explain that we know the issue and it can be resolved.  It isn’t a pinched nerve like I first thought and it isn’t something that may sideline me from running altogether.  It is a completely treatable issue that won’t cost us anything to fix.  I just need to rest it and make sure I do everything correctly in the future when I do run.

As usual, my husband is right(don’t you hate that??)  I just need to rest.  I need to NOT stress about the upcoming 10K because there is nothing I can do about it.  I will walk it and it will be good practice for the wharf to wharf.

I remember Brooke had an entry fairly recently where the same thing had happened to her so I emailed her and she gave me some helpful advice and insight on the whole thing.  I am so absolutely grateful for the weight loss/fitness blog community.  In just two days I was able to diagnose and find treatment for a condition that was very mysterious to me and it is all thanks to the blogs and twitterverse.  Thanks guys!!  :-D

At any rate, I was going to attempt a walk today but it is still hurting quite a bit so I passed.  The hardest part is going to be forcing myself to take time off walk/running.  It has just done so much for my body and my mind, but I know I have to let my body heal or I’m just going to make it worse and be off my feet even longer.  Don’t you hate it when you have no one to blame but yourself?  Hmph.

Oh well, can’t change it now.  So I will be icing and stretching for a while and I’ll update with progress as it happens.

Oh and I just discovered Naan Bread and Hummus.  This can’t be good for my weight loss.  Hehehehe.


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