I’m Getting Pure!

I started the purification program yesterday. It’s a program that the doctor I work for recommends for detoxing and cleaning out the body from everyday toxins.
It also promotes weight loss, so you know that is why I am doing it.

It is a very strict program that lasts 21 days. It involves restricting your diet to veggies and fruit and 1/2 half cup of brown rice per day for the 1st 10 days and then you add lean protein in on day 11. You also take a series of all natural vitamins and shakes to aid with the detoxification part of the program.

It is something that a lot of the girls in the office have done and have had great results with. Not only with weight loss but with clearer skin and better hair. It’s something I have wanted to do for a while but never really had the guts.

Well, since two of the girls wanted to do the program again for the new year and my diet has been so crazy out of control forever I decided this was just what I needed to kick myself in the butt.

With the girls doing it as well it will make more accountable and with the strictness of it and the short duration it will make it easier to follow.

And as I was telling my husband last night, after this diet, weight watchers food is going to seem like a cheat!! :-)

So today is day two.

Yesterday I thought I was prepared. I brought my two shakes that were waaaayyy to thick for me to actually defrost and drink until much later in the day. I had a great big giant salad of romaine and spinach. Why spinach I have no idea. I like it in small doses but I don’t know what made me think I would love to eat a great big bowl of it. For some reason thinking I had the courage to do this drastic change made me think I would enjoy eating things I hadn’t in the past. Meh.

So breakfast was a frozen solid shake and lunch was a very unenjoyable salad that I could stomach more than ten bites of.

When I finally got home Rob stir-fried my 1/2 cup of brown rice with a little bit of olive oil and some Asian veggies and I nuked a half of a yam and that was my dinner. OH MY GOD it was so good just to get something warm and substantial in my stomach.

Before I ate though I made sure I prepared more for today. I grilled up some Brussels sprouts in olive oil and garlic and made up my shakes so they were much thinner and were easier to drink.

I ate last night at 7:30 and was in bed by eight. Heh.

Today went much smoother due to better food choices. I had an apple with my shake this morning. And I remembered to bring 1/4 of an avocado for my salad of romaine and also a half a sweet potato so I could have something warm.

Tonight I had rehearsal. I had my other shake to drink during it and I heated up my rice and brussell sprouts right before I left work and ate it in the car right before I went into the theater. That left me with the half a yam I just ate to get something more in my belly before bed.

So far so good. I did have a minor panic attack after taking my afternoon supplements as I had a hot flash and my stomach turned. I don’t think it was related to the supplements as much as it was the fact that I started my period today and I am on the second day of withdrawing from sugar. It went away as soon as I took the puppy for a little walk around the building.

At least work and rehearsal provide a distraction. This weekend will be the hardest test I think. I think I’ll see about going for a run each day to keep myself motivated.

I’ll keep you posted.

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