Last night, my sister in law was in town.  That meant a dinner out with my in-laws.  While that particular event is always pleasant and fun, it doesn’t always make for good eating on my diet.

We went to a local place called Baja Cantina where they have a very good selection of food.  I told myself that maybe I might cheat since I have been so good for so long and my weight is still kind of stagnant….

Once I looked at the menu I realized I was craving a bunless burger and a side salad!   How insane is that???  I mean, in a good way of course!  🙂

So this morning, I was doing the weekly shopping and I was getting my low carb marinara sauce when I saw the Dreamfields pasta.  I thought: “Hmmm, I think I will pick one of those up and have a “cheat night” tonight that won’t really be a cheat night if those things really work.  That sounds fun.”

So I put one of the spaghetti ones in my cart.

After I got home I started re-editing all of my episodes since they are now on and need to be redone.  That is when I realized I don’t NEED to cheat!  I have so many recipes that I haven’t used in forever, that are fabulous and I have all the ingredients for!  I don’t even crave that pasta!!

So I just cooked up some “KFC” Chicken and now the Caulironi and Cheese is in the oven.    It’s going to make a yummers dinner.

I’m sure I will try the Dreamfields eventually but for now I’m perfectly satisfied with what I am eating.

So I guess it is true.  If you eat the Low Carb Lifestyle long enough, you really DO lose your cravings!  I never really believed that part of it, but so far it has been true for me!!  Ha!

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