Progress Update…sort of

So we had a fabulous time in LA and I walked a ton! I didn’t watch my diet however…and while I didn’t go HOG wild, I did eat a lot of stuff I shouldn’t have. I could give you the old: “Hey I was on vacation!” excuse but I don’t even fool myself with that one. I did the crime and the scale showed me I would do the time.

This morning however, it was back down to 244 so that was cool.

I skipped walking for three days after I got back because my blisters had blisters and boy did I ever feel that break on Tuesday when I started walking again. I could only force myself to do 20 minutes and I didn’t do anything else when I got home either. My calves and shins were BURNING!

20 more minutes on Wednesday and then yesterday I walked half the loop for a 30 minute walk. I plan to repeat that again today.

Last night when I got home I also dusted off the gazelle and did 25 minutes on that bad boy. As Rob pointed out, it was MUCH easier to do than it used to be since I’ve been walking so much.

Tomorrow I am heading out to Fleet Feet to get my running shoes. Mel at work has recommended them and Jewels just went and got hers a week or so ago. She says they are fabulous and soooo comfy. I guess they measure your feet and watch you walk barefoot and analyze your feet or some such stuff to make sure we have the absolute best shoes for our feet. They are quite expensive but when it comes to this, you get what you pay for I’m sure. And I’m sick of the stupid blisters I keep getting on my two little toes of my left foot.

I have yet to start running. I figure I have lots of time and I have to master the whole walking thing first. :-)

Time will tell but I am still planning on giving the 10 K my best shot! :-)

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