Purification Progress

I’m on week two of the purification and dreaming of all the foods I’m going to eat when I go off this thing. :-)

I know that is counter productive but I can’t help it.

The first week I didn’t really have many cravings but this week they are starting to kick in. Isn’t it supposed to go AWAY the longer you are on it? I seem to be doing the opposite. Figures.

I do feel better. My mood is really improved and my skin seems to be looking more clear. I’ll tell you that I’ve never been more regular in my entire life! Heh.

I’m trying to avoid getting on the scale every morning because there isn’t anything I can really do to alter my diet anyway so I just need to let it be a surprise at the end of the 21 days. Easier said than done for a scale-a-holic like me.

I’ve been walking every day since Sunday. I did two miles with Pappy on Sunday and I have been doing the loop(1.7 miles) at work every lunch break. It’s really been helping keeping my energy level up without caffeine.

On that note I have to say I love water. It is usually my beverage of choice but when it is THE ONLY THING you can drink it starts to get pretty old. I miss my carbonation. A LOT!

Tomorrow I get to have chicken and or fish. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. I remember looking at my calendar when I first started this and thinking how far away 11 days seemed and now it will be here tomorrow so that is something.

Rehearsals and work have proven to be some great distractions. The weekends are pretty tough. I have to keep myself distracted to keep myself from wandering into the kitchen and grabbing some bad snack food. It’ll be worth it though.

Now if only I can stop dreaming of pizza, Chinese food, grilled cheese sandwiches and French fries I’ll be okay. :)

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