Restart Again

Scale as of this morning: 253 lbs <—eeks, that is almost ten pounds gained since Vegas!

Exercise: 12 minutes on my airstepper

Breakfast: Two Hard Boiled Eggs

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Breast and Green Beans w/ Butter Spray

Snack: Green Beans w/ Butter Spray

Dinner: 2 Grilled Fish Fillets w/ Spaghetti Squash and Parm Cheese

Snack: Yellow Squash slices

Today was the first day back on the wagon. Not doing too bad so far.


Tomorrow I will test my willpower with a trip to Phat Burger. Normally I wouldn’t dare do something so tempting this soon into restarting the diet but our friend Jenn wants to meet up to regale us with talk of her crazy Christmas experience and who can deny that? I’ll stick to a bunless burger w/ bacon. I will have to resist sneaking some of Jenn’s sweet potato fries…that is always my downfall.

I exercised tonight. That made two days in a row and that made me very happy.

I finally found my measuring tape yesterday so I’ll take my measurements tonight. If I really stick with this exercise thing I’ll want to make sure I am not just tracking weight. Plus I’ll be able to judge better when to start trying on smaller clothes. That was part of the house cleaning this weekend. I removed some clothes from my closet that I can’t quite fit into. I don’t want to get rid of them…that is accepting defeat. Besides, I did that once when I gained all that weight. I threw out all my “skinny” clothes and ended up needing them later as I finally took the weight off.

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