Seriously…long time no post

But would you believe I have been working out fairly often??

I wouldn’t either but it’s true!

Ever since we purchased the Wii Fit, I have been reminded how much I actually love working out. Well, not while actually doing it of course but that wonderful feeling I get afterward.

So, I’ve been walking almost every day at work on my lunch. I’ve also been working out on the Wii Fit at night. And just recently I broke out my balance ball and have been doing my The Firm core workout.

When I work out I feel so good I just want to burst! But I was reminded today that when I don’t, I tend to want to fall into a depression(for personaly reasons I am going through that I would rather not share right now).

I didn’t workout yesterday and I didn’t do much of anything. I didn’t shower, I didn’t read, I didn’t do anything but watch the entire Kill Bill series and then go to bed super early because I could think of nothing worthy of keeping me awake.

This morning the depression kinda held on and since I had gotten my period the day before(something I blame partially for the depression). I didn’t get up to do my core workout, I slept in instead.

Once I got to work I didn’t feel like doing much else either. I wondered to myself why I didn’t fake sever cramps and just stay home. Around 11:30 I realized I had to go for a walk. At that point I would rather gouge my eyes out with a dull spoon than go for a walk, but I knew myself and I knew that it had to be done or I would be bawling on the floor under my desk by two.

So I promised myself I’d just go for ten minutes or so. 20 minutes later I was done and feeling better. Tonight when I got home I did 20 minutes on my step machine and felt very much better. I still feel like I am on the border of depression but it’s better than feeling in the full swing of it like I would have if I hadn’t worked out.

I also know that I will be better once my period is done. Last month I fell prey to the no working out, full on period depression and my husband had to call me out of it. I won’t make that mistake this time.

I may not be perfectly sane, but working out helps to keep me in a much better state of mind.

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