Watch me Go!

Depression be damned. I have worked out every day since my last post and I’m feeling good. I’ve bumped up my daily walks during lunch from 15 minutes when I started to 30 minutes as of today.

Now brace yourselves…I made a commitment today. One that I told my husband would never happen. But I made a commitment with my friend Jewels that we would run a 10 k in July together.

That gives me 5 months to prepare and train. It is a course that my husband has done twice and he thinks is quite do-able for me.

And I can’t help it…I’m EXCITED about the damn thing!! Jewels and I are stoked and are already planning our training sessions together. Our friend Mel is going to help us as she is an avid runner.

I may be setting myself up for failure but I’ll never know unless I try right???

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