Week One Weigh In

So the total for the first week on low carb as of yesterday was down four pounds.  I was hoping for more but Mother Nature paid me her monthly visit and sidelined me in two different ways.  The first is obviously water weight.  I was down six pounds as of Friday but gained some serious fluid when MN came knocking.  The other was that I had some monster cramps.  This is normal for me and I’m well aware that if I don’t take my Advil on time I will get sick.  Saturday I was on the cusp of being sick and the only thing I knew that would make me better was food.  The cramps were mostly gone but the nausea that I get with them was in full swing, but the last thing wanted to think of was eating meat or eggs or even cheese.  So I made myself an English Muffin.    That made me feel so much better I had another one.  Later, in full Well-I-Already-Cheated-On-My-Diet mode I had a handful of cheeze its but that was it.

Still a four pound loss in a week is nothing to be upset about.

The “Low Carb Flu” was relatively kind to me this first week.  I had some hot flashes, horrible bad breath and the detox headache but it wasn’t as altogether bad as I remember it.  I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

One thing that I know I have been doing is eating more nuts than I should.  I need to reign that back in because that is the reason I usually stall.  It’s just so hard when you only have so many snacks, and I’m a snacky person.  Tonight I remembered cheese chips and pepperoni chips so hopefully those will keep me on a better track.

Not much else to report.  Still plugging away.  I need to make sure I track my carbs better on the weekends but that has ALWAYS been my problem on this diet.  I’m happy with four pounds down and hope to continue to see the scale move in the correct directions.  :-)

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