What I bring to work for food

So I know I haven’t filmed an episode of Lo Carb Cafe in a while and there are two reasons for that.  One is that I have upped my carbs.  I’m not going crazy with them and trying to keep them to “good carbs” but I average about 100 carbs a day now.  The second reason is that I have been going a lot more for simplicity than making recipes.   I like to keep my time to meal making down to a minimum, but I still want to be prepared so I don’t go running for Jack In the Box because I didn’t bring any food.

At any rate, since I just prepared my work food for tomorrow, I thought I would show you what I typically bring in a day to the place that likes to give me a paycheck.


1) Afternoon Snack: 1 serving of Progresso Soup Roasted Chicken Rotini

2) Breakfast: 1 serving of Green Giant Garden Vegetable Medley

3)Lunch: 1 frozen Pilgrims Chicken Breast(thawed) and 1.5 servings of Green Giant Baby Vegetables Medley(hidden underneath the chicken

4) Breakfast: 2 servings of liquid egg whites and 1/2 wedge of Laughing Cow Light French Onion cheese

5) Snack before my walk: Usually a sports bar of some type.  I like the Pria Light bars but I ran out so I used a Zone bar.  The alternative would be an apple with a TBLS of peanut butter.

It looks like a small amount do to the little box I use to pack it all in but it is really a good amount of food.  And Since my morning break(when I eat my breakfast) isn’t until 10:40 I usually use some of that Special K protein water to get me by until then.

For dinner when I get home it’s usually Chicken Breast or Fish with a non starchy vegetable.  If I’ve had an extra workout that day I might add a half a cup of jasmine rice or just have a frozen dinner instead.

Not the healthiest way I could be going but it is all about convenience for me right now and I can cook/assemble the above lunch and breakfast in about 15 minutes the night before, stick it in the fridge and just pull it out as I am heading out the door.

It’s been working so far…now if I can only eat better and exercise on the weekends I might be getting somewhere a lot faster.  :-)

Oh, and Lo Carb Cafe isn’t cancelled…just on hiatus.  I will get back to it eventually.

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