My husband and I recently purchased a Wii.

With his declaration the other day that he wanted to get serious about his fitness we decided getting the Wii Fit was the best method for us homebodies with a limited amount of space in our house.

It arrived on Thursday night and Rob went home early to put it together.  When I got home we bowled, played tennis and baseball and then we switched to Mario Cart because it is my husbands favorite.

We created our Wii Fit profiles that night but it was too late at that point to get into exercise so we left it for the next night.

Friday night I got home and hopped on the balance board.  In total I did 31 minutes of various aerobic and strength/yoga exercises before I even knew it!

Today after we went grocery shopping I got back on it and had done 33 minutes of aerobic again before I knew it!  I LOVE this thing.

Time will tell, but right now I am stoked and coming off an exercise high after whooping my husbands ass at boxing!  :-D

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